Here's a first look at the new retail boxes for Intel's Skylake desktop CPUs

5:58:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Now that Windows 10 has officially hit the market, the next big launch in the PC market is Intel's new 6th generation core processors codenamed Skylake. There has been ongoing reports that Intel will be announcing the highly anticipated processors during a keynote at Gamescon later this week. But whether the ends up being the case or not, we'll just have to wait till the day itself to confirm these claims.

But in the mean time, the new boxes for Intel's new Skylake desktop CPUs has been leaked. Specifically, the i7-6700K and i5 6600K which is the top of the line SKU in terms of performance. The back of the box looks like a normal Intel processor box but the front has a new set of graphics that looks like a vortex of light.

These boxes also confirm that the new unlocked Skylake processors will come with the new Intel HD Graphics 530 and as usual, the i7 has a hyper-threaded quad core processor and the i5 just has a quad core processor. Both devices are based off the LGA 1151 socket and supports DDR4 memory.