Oaxis launches a brand new lineup of Wellness devices; Vita, O2, Glo and Ji Cheng

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The wearable game is going strong this year and even Apple has recently entered the arena with their premium Apple Watch offering. Well, turning faces to the Asian market, giants like Xiaomi and Huawei has started producing fitness trackers as well as Android wear smartwatch. Just recently, Oaxis (Shenzhen/Singapore based company) unveiled their new lineup of 'Wellness' products and they're calling it the Oaxis Wellness Suite.

Oaxis's aim for this lineup of devices is to create a smart health suite of devices which inter-communicates with each other to optimize the data. If you're unfamiliar with Oaxis as a company, well they are the company behind successful InkCase campaign on Kickstarter which aims to make every phone a Yotaphone with a secon E-Ink display.

Vita Smart Water Bottle

Probably the most striking product in their lineup is the Vita Smart Water Bottle which the company describes as a water bottle which does more than track how much you drink. On the hardware side of things, the Vita bottle is made out of BPA free plastic making it suitable for storing varying temperatures of liquids safely.

Vita also features a built in temperature sensor to ensure water isn't too hot or too cold for drinking
As expected, the Vita bottle connects through bluetooth to send data to the Lifebalanz app for logging and besides that, there is also a small display enprinted on the bottle which tells you information like the liquid temperature, remaining volume and most importantly, the water vitality. On the underside of the Vita bottle, there is a TDS (total dissolved sensor) which is able to identify the purity of the water you're drinking. 

In other words, it'll tell you if the water you're filling in is safe to consume or not. It is also decently sized at 22oz or 650ml and the honeycomb pattern design being implemented gives a sense of fashion and clarity while using this product. Of course, this isn't the first connected water bottle, products like HidrateMe's smart water bottle show that there some potential for growth in this field as we go on.

Glo Smart Body Analyzer

Next up is a scale that does indeed measure your weight and unlike legacy scales out there, Oaxis's Glo smart body analyzer begs you to stand on it. This is because, like all products in Oaxis's wellness suite, this is yet another connected device and it sends and logs data straight to the LifeBalanz application and from there you can view all the data in simplified graphs.

The Glo is just like any other high end fitness scale, it measures and calculates various types of inputs using bioelectrical impendance (it uses your pulse and electrical conductivity to do the math). One interesting bit is that this scale is made for a family, it is able to detect six (6) people and intelligently know who is stepping on the scale each time.

Glo provides a comprehensive overview of your wellbeing that includes body weight, body fats index, lean body mass percentage, bone mass percentage, body protein index, body water percentage and basal metabolic rate

Oaxis O2

Finally we're reaching some common ground with fitness trackers, the brand new Oaxis O2 was first revealed back in MWC 2015 and the device hasn't changed much since it's original revision. It still features the neon color scheme and builds upon the company's existing Star21 fitness band. But unlike the Star21, the Oaxis O2 is made to look like a real digital watch (a really cool looking one).

The hardware is pretty interesting and the strap has this corrugated design which is said to improve air flow so the user would feel comfortable wearing this during workouts. As for the mounting mechanism, the Oaxis O2 uses a magnetic clasp to clip on easily.

Beyond the flashy design is the tracker itself, at the heart of the Oaxis O2 is the electro-optical cell sensor which is just a fancy word for a HR sensor. At it's core, the O2 uses the continuous heart rate data to monitor your activity as well as to beam to devices like the Vita water bottle to request you to re-hydrate. It even vibrates when it notices a high spike in your heart rate.

Other than telling time and tracking how many million steps you've take today, there is a small round LED indicator right below of the displayed time which indicates your activity level. And as expected, various colors will indicate a different mode and these LEDs are activated through the intensity of your heart rate.

Oaxis Ji Cheng Fitness Band

Last but not least is the Ji Cheng Fitness Band which is no means a brand new product, it's more like a new design for an old product. Deep inside, it's technically the Star21 but it's exterior design has been given a big upgrade. The old Oaxis Star 21 already comes in a multitude of colors but the new Ji Cheng edition Star21 blends the original colors with a fairly unique design. 

Co-created with renowned fashion designer Ji Cheng (duh!), the Ji Cheng fitness band expresses the designer's view towards the chinese market. Her design includes a dual layered strap which is made possible through a dual shot injection molding process. The front display which houses the 21 LEDs also features a new patterned design making it that little bit more stylish. 

Say what you want but this is a designer product that embraces chinese design but int the same time also tracks and logs your fitness data. No HR monitor on the Ji Cheng fitness band, just the good old step counter. 

LifeBalanz app

Finally to wrap things up, all devices in the Oaxis Wellness suite of device will be connected directly to the company's existing Lifebalanz app. From there users will be able to track and log the data from the various devices. Overall, this looks like a compelling lineup of devices which not only focus on tracking fitness data but also to improve the wellbeing of the user based on the data being logged.

The company has started a 45 day campaign on Pozzible (crowd-sourcing) and at the time of writing, the campaign has reached it's goal. For as low as $57 (RM 215) you can get yourself either the Vita bottle or Glo scale and $79 (RM 297) for either the Oaxis O2 or the Oaxis Ji Cheng Fitness band. If you're interested in learning more or want to back this project, do head over to the campaign page to back this project so you can get these devices as soon as September 2015 before it hits the market.

Check out the launch video below to see it all in action and don't forget to check out the Pozzible campaign