Xiaomi sold more wearables last year than Samsung and Jawbone combined

3:51:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Xiaomi, the company which just celebrated their 5th birthday is now the 2nd biggest supplier of wearable device in the market. Introduced about a year ago, the Xiaomi Mi Band is a RM 60 fitness tracker which tracks your steps and sleep.

The low price point and long battery life of the Mi Band indirectly caused a big reaction like all Xioami products. Being priced that low, virtually no other company could put up a wearable device that robust without cutting corners and also dropping profits.

Within the year, IDC's data show that Xiaomi sells even more werables that Garmin, Samsung and long time wearable maker, Jawbone. This is an amazing feat for a company this young. As a whole, Xiaomi has capture nearly 25% of the wearable market and is just behind Fitbit which sold 1 million more than Xiaomi.