Celcom reveals the 'magic' element powering their new Magic SIM pack

4:53:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

For the past week, XPAX, the prepaid telco service of Celcom has been actively promoting a new package called the Magic SIM. Today at the launch, Celcom unveiled what makes their new SIM card tick. And like all telco packages these days, the Magic SIM is focusing heavily on giving customers the best internet package around. 

First off, the Magic SIM pack will cost RM 5 and out of the box, that'll give users 200MB of 'high speed data' paired with 20 call minutes or SMS. This plan will be active for the next 5 days. 

The next part of the story is the Magic Reload, which will give you the user extra value depending on the topup value. The high speed internet quota, voice minutes and text messages values are listed below:

RM 5  50MB 21Mbps data, 5 voice minutes or SMS, valid for 5 days
RM 10 — 100MB 21Mbps data, 10 voice minutes or SMS, valid for 10 days
RM 30   300MB 21Mbps data, 30 voice minutes or SMS, valid for 30 days
Do note that the reload values itself will initiate these free internet quotas and data minutes. So, that means that when you reload RM 10, you will still have that RM 10 reload value. Basically the Magic Reload is freebies for each reload. 

The we move on to the Magic Box, here is where you'll utilize the reload values. Similarly to other telcos, XPAX will also offer customers unlimited data plans ranging from RM 1 all the way to RM 58. To celebrate the launch of this new prepaid service, the daily RM 1 package will no give customers 60MB of data opposed to only 30MB. This offer will be valid through 30 June 2015. 

Daily Subscription (1 day)
  • RM 1  30MB 21Mbps data, 5 voice minutes and SMS
  • RM 5  300MB 21Mbps data, 5 voice minutes and SMS

Weekly Subscription (7 days)
  • RM 10  500MB 21Mbps data, 35 voice minutes and SMS

Monthly subscription (30 days)
  • RM 25  1GB 21Mbps data, 150 voice minutes and SMS
  • RM 38   2GB 21Mbps data, 150 voice minutes and SMS
  • RM 58   4GB 21Mbps data, 150 voice minutes and SMS

Another thing magical about this Magic Box plan is that unused internet quota can be brought forward. But Celcom did not indicate how much internet quota can be brought forward. Also, the free voice minutes and SMS will only be valid for celcom to celcom numbers

Finally, to round up the new Magic SIM card is a Miracle, like literally, the segment is called Miracle. Recurring customers will be able to experience the so called Magic Miracle every month and no one is sure what will rewards will Celcom present to customers.

Something to note is that with all these free data from reloads and also data from the Magic Box, XPAX is also providing users unlimited 64kbps data alongside the original quota of the value you're given. So, whether you get the free 200MB of data from the RM 5 SIM pack or 50MB data from the RM 5 reload, there'll always be unlimited 64kbps internet after you exceed the quota. 

Celcom will start offering the Magic SIM pack starting tomorrow June 5 for RM 5 at authorized Celcom stores. Existing XPAX customers however can also join in the fun by subscribing to the new Magic Box plans by SMS-ing MAGIC to 28882. Better grab the SIM packs fast tomorrow as this sounds like a very good deal indeed.