Maxis starts rolling out 100Mbps internet through their Fibre Internet service

9:01:00 PM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

In a surprise move today, Maxis have started advertising a new plan for their Maxis Fibre Internet service for home users. Yes, you read it correctly, Maxis will be offering the everyday user 100Mbps of fibre optic internet. For only RM 398 a month, you can enjoy high speed internet from your house and if you are a MaxisONE customer, then you will pay a little less for that high speed internet (RM 330).

Of course, technology is advancing and online content is rapidly improving with 4K video being widespread through popular video sharing sites like YouTube. But whether is it necessary to get 100Mbps is for an average household is yet to be known as current tiers already perform excellently in streaming high resolution media through the internet.

Check out the price breakdown for the various plans below which also includes special prices for MaxisONE customers. Do note that these plans do NOT include GST (6%), so you do the math the add the extra tax. Also, by subscribing to any one of Maxis's Fibre Internet plan, you will have to commit to it for 24 months

Well, technically Maxis is still running off TM's network to give customers Fibre Internet and it shouldn't be long before UniFi also gets a 100Mbps plan. So, will you be upgrading soon?

You can check out all the details about pricing and availability here