Maxis revises their MaxisONE plans, now comes standard with 5GB of data

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After much controversy in the last couple of weeks. Today, Maxis is officially responding to all the comments that have been made on the internet with their new MaxisONE plan which comes with a crucial new feature called the DataPool which enables users to share data with others. This new feature builds upon the revised MaxisONE plans which now comes standard with 5GB of data and goes up to 20GB. (ie. MaxisONE users which previously had 1GB of data will not receive 5GB of data and the 7GB plan will now get 20GB of data.

On top of all that extra data, Maxis is also sweetening up their MaxisONE plans with a new roaming option that enable subscribers to utilize their massive pool (no pun intended) of data and also calls and SMS while overseas. A daily roaming charge of RM 38 is imposed but Maxis is recuperating that charge with an additional 500MB of quota.

Additionally, Maxis is also throwing in 5GB of data alongside the upgraded quota for users to stream videos through services like iFlix or Viu.

That is basically it, the new MaxisONE plans are not just as competitive as what the competition has to offer and by tomorrow (April 23) all existing MaxisONE customers will begin to see the increased data cap that these new plans will offer and Maxis assures that the upgraded quota is not a 'limited offer' rather, the quota is yours for life. The telco company notes that over 1 million MaxisONE subscribers will benefit from the upgraded plans and new customers can also enjoy better rates compared to the competition. But this looks to be the start, expect to see Maxis revise their other offerings in the near future.

Learn more about the new and improved MaxisONE plans here