Nokia celebrates 150 years of excellence, looks back at their rich history #Nokia150years

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Today is a moment for all Nokia employees, and indeed all people who have been touched by Nokia over the years, to celebrate a truly significant milestone in the company's history; said Nokia President and CEO Rajeev Suri. Just about a year ago, Nokia concluded the sale of their mobile division to Microsoft.

Indeed, if they managed to turn around Symbian, surely enough we would see Nokia proudly celebrate their 150th anniversary today. But everything happens for a reason and the Nokia which stands tall today is a result of several transformations throughout their history. However, recent reports do note that Nokia is planning to make a comeback in 2016 after their initial success with the well built Nokia N1 tablet.

Nokia started off in Finland back in the late 19th century as a pulp milling company and soon enough during the electric and digital revolution, they morphed into a communications company which then saw the launch of Nokia mobile devices which aimed to connect everyone. 

So, let's just look back at the good 'ol days when Nokia phones were just everywhere.

"Our history is one of change: from paper to cables, rubber boots to TVs, and mobile phones to the Nokia of today. For 150 years we have embraced such change, emerging stronger as a result, and our recent Alcatel-Lucent announcement marks another such pivotal moment. We are moving forward with conviction, confidence and humility, fully focused on realizing the potential of an increasingly connected world," Nokia President and CEO Rajeev Suri said

UPDATE 12/5/2015 20:58: Official video from Nokia added