Microsoft's new cloud API will tell you your real age

6:19:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Age is a woman's secret, the age old quote is now not applicably, or is it? Microsoft showed off a new Azure API during the second day keynote at Build 2015 and that new API is capable of recognizing faces. If you're not familiar, Microsoft Azure is the company's cloud based solution for nearly everything.

To test out this new API which is built for Windows 10, Microsoft made a website ( which allows users to upload an image of faces and with the magic of the new Azure Face API and some algorithms, the site is able to estimate the age of the people in the images.

Some pretty cool stuff here and i've tried it and the results are ok, depending on the image you upload, you might be getting a different age estimate. Nothing groundbreaking here but it's definitely a lot of fun to see how old you look like in images.

You can try it yourself at