Microsoft announces Visual Studio Code, a Free cross-platform code editor

7:15:00 PM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Earlier this morning at Microsoft's annual developers conference, one of the first things they announced is a brand new version of Visual Studio. If you're not familiar with coding, Visual Studio is Microsoft's own Integrated Development Environment and Visual Studio Code is the newest member in the family.

What's groundbreaking about Visual Studio Code is that Microsoft is bringing cross platform support on the light code editor. Basically, Visual Studio Code is a simplified version of their full fledged IDE and it also links up to the GIT repository as well as Visual Studio Online.

Supporting Windows, Linux and even Mac OS, Visual Studio Code includes compilers for multiple programming languages and also web technologies. In addition to that, Microsoft is also including their ever so smart IntelliSense code completion engine in to this version of Visual Studio.

That's not all, besides supporting three operating systems, Visual Studio Code is available to everyone for free. I've did a quick install on Visual Studio Code and it really is lightweight and takes up significantly less resources compared to Visual Studio. Well, again, this is just a code editor for on-the fly editing.

Windows, Mac and Linux users will be able to download Visual Studio Code starting today.

Visual Studio Code (free)