Microsoft just made porting Android and iOS app to Windows a breeze

5:25:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

The single biggest problem with Windows Phone and Windows 8 was the lack of apps and Microsoft plans to change that in Windows 10. During the opening keynote at Build 2015, Microsoft touched on the Universal Windows Platform which means the code of a single application will be shared towards any screen running Windows 10. Whether it is on a tablet or on the Surface Hub or even HoloLens, the application will have it's merits.

Alongside, promoting the new Universal App platforms, Microsoft also added that they will be releasing tools to help developers to port application from various sources. The first is web applications, with the help of a tool, websites will soon be able to be fully fledged Windows Store applications that pings notifications and have native UX features.

Then it's .NET and Win32 programs which Microsoft promises that developers will be able to publish their application to the Windows Store. Take for example Adobe, they are committed in bringing both Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Premiere elements to the Windows Store by the time Windows 10 launches.

Finally, it's Android and iOS developers. Yes, the dream is real and Microsoft has created two tools in Visual Studio to enable developers to reuse nearly all of their Java and Objective-C code from their existing applications.

This doesn't mean that Android and iOS apps will instantly make it into the Windows Store, in the long run it's up to the developers whether they want to bring their applications onto the Windows Store.

But Microsoft does promise that Windows 10's adoption will be 1 billion by the next three years and that figure might be enough to woo developers from other platforms to come develop and publish applications to the Windows Store