Microsoft Edge is the browser made for Windows 10

10:02:00 PM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

During the keynote this morning at Build 2015, Joe Belfiore took the stage by talking about the improvements made to Windows 10 and universal applications. While talking about it, he jumped in the topic and stated that Project Spartan needs to be named to cause less confusion for their marketing team.

Queue the intro video which showcases what Project Spartan was previously capable and yes, Microsoft is calling the browser on Windows 10, Microsoft Edge. The name is sleek, short and does not have much relation to the tainted Internet Explorer Brand.

In the current Insider Preview (formerly Technical Preview) build, Microsoft Edge or Project Spartan is still the same. Nothing major has been done to the browser and Microsoft adds that, like iOS and Android applications, developers will be able to reuse most of their code for chrome extensions to implement onto the Edge browser.

Although the new Microsoft Edge browser is nothing like it's older Internet Explorer brother from previous versions of Windows, the icon for Microsoft Edge looks strikingly similar to that of Internet Explorer. The color scheme is still blue and some say the 'E' on Microsoft Edge is made to remember the Explorer word on Internet Explorer.

You can try out the Project Spartan or Microsoft Edge on the latest Build 10074 Insider Preview.