Microsoft will exclusively control updates for Windows 10 Mobile and thus preventing fragmentation

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Over the past months, Microsoft has been providing users with consistent flow of updates for Windows 10 and the company plans to keep it that way across the device lineup. In an apparent confirmation with a Microsoft spokesperson, ZDNET confirms that Microsoft will be controlling the updates for Windows 10 Mobile including the ones for enterprise users.

If you're not familiar with the current state for Windows Phone 8/8.1 updates, it's quite bad. Updates roll out in stages which cover several regions at a time and carrier branded devices will often times get the updates even later.

Microsoft has somewhat solved this problem by introducing the Windows Insider program which allows any Windows Phone user to download a just released update without any restrictions. Sounds all that good but not everyone turns on this feature as it does boggle down some carrier specific features and does not include specifics for any given device.

So, with Windows 10 Mobile any device running Microsoft's Windows 10 OS for the phone will be receiving a new software update the day it comes out. This is something like on iOS and ultimately this will definitely please Windows 10 Mobile users and thus preventing fragmentation across the board.

However, the catch is that your device must be running Windows 10 Mobile for this continuous stream of updates. This means that you'll need to wait till your region or carrier releases the Windows 10 Mobile update for your device. Just a refresher, Windows 10 Mobile will be available to all Windows Phone 8.1 devices and it'll be released in the fall in time for the holiday season.