Marvel fans, Samsung will soon release an Iron Man themed Galaxy S6 Edge

7:33:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

The Avengers: Age of Ultron is second to none in terms of gross profit for films released this year and back in March we saw a whole slew of Marvel themed Galaxy S6's. Back then, reports stated that Samsung was indeed considering to create a limited edition set of Galaxy S6's which will replicate the many heroes of the Marvel Universe.

Well, today Samsung is officially acknowledging the crowd with the very first teaser of an Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge. The teaser image released did not state much but the image of the box with the Avengers and Iron Man head is enough to make Marvel fans throw money onto their screens. Ironically, Robert Downey Jr. which portrays Iron Man is promoting the HTC One M9 and his Iron Man character is promoting the Galaxy S6 edge.

As you can see from the apparent box of the device, this might very well be a limited edition smartphone and there might also be other versions featuring other Marvel superheroes in the Avengers. Whatever this turns out to be, Samsung is definitely on to something good so stay tuned for more on this and in the mean time do check out the concept renders of the Galaxy S6 themed marvel phones.