Snapchat shows off their $130 Snapchat "Spectacles"

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The company behind popular photo sharing app Snapchat is announcing their first hardware product. The product is a pair of US$ 130 (~MYR 570) glasses simply called Spectacles (with a squigly font) that comes with a camera that features a full 115-degree angle which is similar to a person's field of view. The idea behind Spectacles is that it acts as an extension to Snapchat.

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Spectacles will be able to record 10 second videos and will swiftly share the recorded moments to your Snapchat story. Interestingly, the cameras will record circular videos and the company says that this creates a immersive true-to-life viewing experiences. On the phone, these circular videos will look similar to 360 degree videos.

The Spectacles themselves doesn't look too hi-tech. It looks a lot like regular glasses just with two round circles on each side. One of those circles is the camera itself and the other one is a light that turns on when a snap is being recorded. This security light ensures the privacy of others.

With 150 million active daily users, Snapchat will have a big market to showcase their Spectacles and the company notes that they will be rolling out this Snapchat Spectacles in slow stages when it gets launched in Fall 2016. Additionally, the company (formerly known as Snapchat) is rebranding themselves as Snap Inc. Learn more about Snap Inc.'s Spectacles here