Apple Watch officially launched in Malaysia, prices start at RM 1,599

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Well, that was a little awkward. I just completed another article about the Apple Watch and here we go again. Anyways, Apple Malaysia has just published the official pricing for all the Apple Watch models. The Apple Watch was announced in March last year and has since then risen up to become the most popular wearable device despite being late to the game.

The Apple Watch is Apple's first wearable device and the watch comes in three versions, namely the Sport, Standard and Edition. Apple has been listing the Apple Watch as a 'coming soon' device since 2015 and today, the Apple Watch will officially go on sale in Malaysia for a starting price of RM 1,559 for the most basic Apple Watch sport which also includes the limited edition red strap that is specifically for the Chinese New Year celebrations this year. You can read more about that here

But basically, the pricing for the Apple Watch is actually pretty consistent with the ones in the US as you can see in our comparison last year. If you just want to get the downright cheapest Apple Watch for your iPhone (just remember, the Apple Watch will only work with an iPhone), then you can consider getting the Apple Watch sport which goes up to RM 1,849 for the larger 42mm version. If you want the Apple Watch with the sapphire glass screen, that'll weigh you down at least RM 2,499 for the most affordable one and prices will go up to RM 5,079 depending on which strap you choose.

Finally, the most surprising inclusion is the gold plated Apple Watch Edition which starts at a whopping RM 47,000 and goes all the way up to RM 80,000 if you fancy a strap with some 18K gold on it. Additionally, you can pimp up your Apple Watch with some first party bands from Apple which start at RM 249 for the Sport band and goes up to RM 2,049 for the Link bracelet. Check out all band options and prices here and the prices for all the Apple Watch are as below

Apple Watch Sport

RM 1,559 for the 38mm Apple Watch Sport (varying straps)
RM 1,849 for the 42mm Apple Watch Sport (varying straps)

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Apple Watch

Starting at RM 2,499 for the 38mm Apple Watch, up to RM 4,799 with varying straps and bands
Starting at RM 2,749 for the 42mm Apple Watch, up to RM 5,049 with varying straps and bands

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Apple Watch Edition

Starting at RM 47,000 for the 38mm Apple Watch Edition up to RM 80,000
Starting at RM 57,000 for the 42mm Apple Watch Edition up to RM 70,000

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