Sharp's new 4K IGZO display fits on the palm of your hand

2:43:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Display technology has advanced quite significantly in the past few years, going from a simple qHD resolution all the way to the Quad HD in less than 5 years. Well, if you thought QHD displays are top of the line, you might need to rethink that as Sharp has just announced a new 5.5" display with a massive 4K resolution. 

Technically, the 3840 X 2160 resolution is classified at UHD and not 4K (true 4k is 4096 X 2160) but sharp still calls it a 4K display. At that resolution, this is an engineering feat achieved by Sharp. They managed to squeeze in 8.2 million pixels on to an area no bigger than your average phablet (5.5"). 

Now if you crunch the numbers, Sharps new IGZO panel clocks in a whopping 806 PPI which is nearly double the PPI of current QHD displays. Well, don't get carried away by all the pixels as Sharp is only expected to mass produce these high resolution panels next year. 

But the dream of owning a 4K display on the palm of your hands is closer than you think, Samsung is rumored to include a UHD AMOLED display on the upcoming Galaxy Note 5. If all goes well, Samsung will be announcing a new panel in the coming months.