Apple and Facebook are reportedly buying HERE maps for $3.2 billion

6:24:00 PM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Nokia has been making waves in the headlines recently, from acquiring Acatel-Luncent to reports of Nokia branded smartphones; It looks like they are getting serious in restructuring the company. Well, a report today by retuers says that Nokia is trying increase interest of their HERE Maps platform.

Recently, Nokia was reportedly ready to let go off their maps division which was formed when they purchased Navteq for $8.1 billion in 2008. HERE Maps has been posing some negative revenue for the company and like their burning mobile phone platform, Nokia is planning to sell it to another company.

So, the story here is that both Facebook as well as a group of German automakers are interested in acquiring Nokia's mapping platform. Nokia is expecting to get $3.2 billion out of the deal but that's not it; Apparently, Nokia is also trying to get an offer from Apple, Alibaba, Amazon and Uber.

As you might know, HERE Maps is second to none one of the better mapping platforms out there today and although the division is not raking up money under Nokia, this doesn't mean that it's future owner can't make good use of it.

The listed companies which Nokia is trying to sell HERE Maps too will definitely have a way to make it big. Take for example, Facebook, they can take this opportunity to better the location services and also Apple looks to be a big name which will find the data on HERE Maps useful enough for their own mapping platform on iOS.

Either way, these reports look to be real solid and if Nokia does indeed plan to sell off it's mapping platform then we'll most likely hear about an acquisition report in the coming weeks