Oppo's zero-bezel smartphone stars in a short hands on video

3:06:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Just the other day we showed you an image of what looks to be a zero bezel phone. The unnamed and unbranded phone was apparently part of Oppo's product line. Well, we're in luck at the uploader of the original leaked shots have release a short video demonstrating that the device does indeed work and that the razor sharp bezels does work.

You can check out the short clip below to see for it yourself. Currently there are no additional reports as to when Oppo plans to release this device but given that they were just recently awarded with a patent to implement the thin bezels, expect the device to come out later this year.

In the end this might just end up being an Oppo Find flagship device, maybe? But given that there is no physical branding on this device it is most probably just an early engineering sample to test out the hardware. In the mean time, the video is available for your enjoyment below.

SOURCE: PhoneArena