Oppo's smartwatch will reportedly fully charge in just 5 minutes

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Smartwatches have dominated the tech landscape in the past year and just last week Pebble announced their new Pebble Time watch and LG announced the first LTE enabled smartwatch in MWC 2015. Everyone is trying to make that perfect smartwatch and the problem which companies including Apple have yet to overcome is the battery life.

Current smartwatches have poor battery life which results in users charging the device every other night. Well, it looks like Oppo is ready to tackle part of the battery issue. Reports claim that Oppo's smartwatch will only need 5 minutes to be fully charged, yes you read it correctly no typo here, it is 5 minutes (according to the report).
"It takes 5 minutes to fully charge it"
The rumored smartwatch is said to launch alongside the company's new flagship Oppo Find device later this year and at the moment there is not much info on what or how the smartwatch will run on. The obvious choice would be Android Wear but a proprietary software isn't entirely out of the picture given that Oppo is a chines company.

The theory of fully charging the watch in 5 minutes is actually possible with Oppo given that the industry leading VOOC charger juices up their handsets in just 30 minutes. Stay tuned for more news on this and Oppo Malaysia will definitely bring this amazing watch alongside the flagship Find device to Malaysia later this year.

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photo: Lowyat.NET
SOURCE: PhoneArena and ZingGadget