LG V20 has the most comprehensive camera and audio setup of any smartphone

8:31:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

After hyping things up for several weeks, today LG is officially showing off their brand new flagship smartphone, the LG V20. According to LG, the new V20 combines the best of the LG G5 from earlier this year and also the best of last year's LG V10. Gone is the plastic design of the V10 as LG has built the LG V20 out of aluminium and a new silicon polycarbonate material which helps the V20 survive drops.

Gone is the modular design of the LG G5 from earlier this year but the LG V20 still features a (somewhat) modular design. The back of the LG V20 can pop off to reveal the removable battery alongside the SIM and microSD card slot. The new V20 might not inherit the V10's design but it does retain the always on display on the top right corner of the screen.

LG V20 Key Specifications

— 5.7-inch 1440P IPS Quantum display
— Secondary 1040 x 160 resolution IPS Quantum Display
— Snapdragon 820 SoC
— 64GB expandable memory
— 16MP f1.8 + 8MP f2.4 rear camera
— 5MP f1.9 front camera
— 3,200mAh battery w/QC3.0
— Android 7.0 Nougat w/ LG UX 5.0
— 159.7 x 78.1 x 7.6mm
— 174g
— Titan, Silver, Pink
— MIL-STD 810G

The highlight of the new LG V20 is it's 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC powered by ESS Technology. What this means is that the LG V20 can deliver better audio performance without much distortion. Additionally, LG has also partnered up with B&O to tune the audio performance of the V20 and select regions will include a pair of B&O earphones alongside the purchase of the LG V20. 

Beyond that, the LG V20 also comes with a new camera setup that is similar to that of the LG G5 from earlier this year. There is both a standard 16MP sensor and an additional 8MP sensor that provide wide angle shots. In terms of camera features, LG is going all out with the camera on the LG V20 as it has Laser Detection AF, Phase Detection AF, Contrast AF, Steady Record 2.0 (which uses OIS and EIS for steady videos) and Hi-Fi recording. 

All of this combined makes the LG V20 the most feature packed smartphone camera period. 

Overall, LG's new V20 smartphone looks to be a pretty solid option for a flagship phone. It's not as flashy compared to Samsung's recent Galaxy Note7 but it does have all the features you expect from a flagship phone at this time and day. Things like a USB Type-C port, some form of durability rating, a great camera, a removable battery, quick charging support and a fingerprint scanner. 

Being the first device to come with the latest version of Android is an advantage but it's debatable whether having Android 7.0 Nougat first will make a difference as LG does have their Android skin atop the software on the V20. 

LG will begin offering their LG V20 smartphone in Korea and other regions by the end of September 2016.