Pre-ordered a Honor 5C? A RM 78 selfie stick is coming your way

9:58:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

It was just a couple weeks back that Honor Malaysia announced the arrival of the Honor 5C which is a new mid-range smartphone. The device is now available for purchase through official retailers and also through online channels like Lazada and Vmall. And according to Huawei, the company has managed to sell over 9,000 Honor 5C in the last three weeks.

To celebrate the successful launch of the Honor 5C, Honor Malaysia will be giving away Honor Selfie sticks to customers who purchased the Honor 5C during the pre-order period. So, if you have pre-ordered the Honor 5C through Lazada or during the pre-order period last month, you can expect to receive a selfie stick in the mail soon.

The retail price of the Honor Selfie Stick is RM 78 and it is basically a simple selfie stick that will be perfect for your Honor 5C. In case you were wondering, you can actually buy the Honor Selfie stick through Lazada for as low as RM 30