Microsoft teases Project Scorpio, a 4K and VR ready console

6:10:00 PM dickwyn 0 Comments

It might still be a little early to say but Microsoft might have a winner here with their new console. Dubbed Project Scorpio, the new Console under Xbox One brand will only be arriving by the holiday year. According to Xbox chief, Phil Spencer, Project Scorpio is a console like no other.

This new console codenamed Project Scorpio will be capable of 4K gaming and possibly also VR since it is already becoming a big trend these days. It will most likely be powered by a custom AMD chip like the Xbox One S and Microsoft is already hinting that this new console will have at least 6 teraflops of graphics horsepower which is about the league of a high end graphics card today.

No word on pricing but expect it to be around the $400-500 price bracket since this is looking to be a fully decked out console and given how Windows 10 is progressing, we might even see it running real PC games.