ROG Avalon is ASUS's concept for a modular PC

10:09:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Back in CES 2014, Razer showed off Project Christine. A full tower computer that features a modular design. That product is still a piepedream with Razer but in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of ASUS's Republic of Games (ROG) division, the company is showing off ROG Avalon; their vision of a hybrid motherboard and chassis.

ASUS says that the ROG Avalon is a computer that improves the DIY building experience. By building both the motherboard and chassis together, ASUS says that they managed to improve upon the frustrating parts of building a custom computer.

Unlike regular DIY computers, the Avalon's Z170 motherboard is a custom solution that works directly with the chassis.There is a custom adapter board for the SSD, graphics card and power supply that enables plug and play simplicity. Even the rear I/O can be customized with ports that matter.

But then again, this is just a prototype and it might never see the day of light.