Meet the second generation ROG liquid cooling laptop

9:55:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Lat year, Asus revealed an ambitious product that brought high performance liquid cooling to their ROG GX700 gaming laptop. And just less than a year later, Asus is ready to bring this to the next level by claiming that their new ROG GX800 laptop is the most powerful gaming laptop in the world.

How powerful? 2 Nvdia GTX 980 GPUs in SLI powerful. With the help of the detachable water cooling system, the ROG GX800 is perfectly capable of taking advantage of the compute power that a pair of high end graphics card can put out. Without the thermal limitations, the CPU, GPU and DRAM will be open to overclocking for even better performance.

In terms of design, this is a 17-inch laptop so don't expect it to be small and portable. In addition to that, Asus says that the GX800 will come with two 330W power supplies to enable unrivalled gaming experiences and paired with a new RGB mechanical keyboard called MechTAG makes the GX 800 the ultimate gaming laptop.

ASUS is still keeping mum about the pricing and availability but given that this is even more powerful than the ROG GX 700, expect it to be priced higher than it.