ASUS's ROG G31 Edition 10 PC comes with two GTX 1080 cards in SLI

10:26:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Just like the ROG Avalon, the new ROG G31 Edition 10 is also built in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of ASUS's Republic of Games division. But the ROG G31 Edtion 10 is an actual product that will hit the market later this year.

What's so special about the ROG G31 Edition 10? Well, for starters, it comes in a sleek looking design that serves as a purpose. The Mayan inspired markings around the system includes dual hidden airflow channels that help cool the dual GTX 1080 graphics card that will be fitted into the ROG G31 Edition 10. Yes, ASUS is cramming in two 1080's in SLI.

To cool the pair of GTX 1080's, ASUS is implementing their ROG-exclusive 3D vapor chamber thermal technology that assures all the hardware inside the system will run in optimal temperatures. All this coupled with a Core i7 6700K, up to 64GB of RAM, up to four M.2 SSDs makes the ROG G31 Edition 10 a compact gaming powerhouse.

But there is a drawback of this design, the main system itself is filled up with the hardware and that is why there is a separate tower included with the device. That second tower is (you guess it) the 600W power supply that will make the ROG G31 Edition 10 work.