AMD's new VR ready graphics card is just $199

8:44:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

The wait is over and AMD has finally revealed their first graphics card that will be part of their new Polaris architecture. Enter the Radeon RX 480, the first card to feature AMD's new Polaris architecture and the card will be available beginning June 29 for just US$ 199 (~MYR 820)

With 5 teraflops of compute power, AMD says that the Radeon RX 480 is definitely capable of powering VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. For a mere $199, AMD is seriously pricing the RX 480 for success when compared to Nvidia's latest offering which is the $380 GTX 1070 that pumps out 6 teraflops of compute power.

AMD Radeon RX 480 Key Specifications

— 1.08GHz Boost clock
— 2,304 Stream processors
— 36 CUs
— 4/8GB GDDR5 memory @ 8GHz
— 256-bit memory bus
— AMD Freesync
— HDMI 2.0b
— 150W TDP

AMD's new Polaris architecture is based on the new 14nm FinFET process which enables the Radeon RX 480 to have a 150W TDP which is a big improvement over the R9 series cards. Expect to hear more about other cards based on the Polaris architecture in the coming weeks.