Asus built a robot called Zenbo that can help you around your house

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Towards the end of Asus's Computex press conference this year, Johnny Shih took some time to tlak about his vision of a robotic computing platform. And that is where Zenbo is born. Unlike smart home assistants that have existed in the past, Asus's answer to the smart home is not merely just a speaker that answers your question.

Zenbo is a robot that can be a companion for your child, answer questions, help you find a recipe, tell you a bedtime story and even take a photo for you. The robotic home assistant built with the help from Intel acts similar to products like Amazon's Echo speaker but in a more humanly way.

Asus says that Zenbo was designed to help you around your house by moving from place to place. And being a home assistant, Zenbo also connects to smart home appliances like the television, air conditioners and lights to help automate tasks.

The Asus Zenbo will cost US$ 599 (~MYR 2,500) when it hits the market later this year and Asus is inviting developers to sign up for the free Zenbo Developer Program that enables developers to create apps and services that Zenbo can access through the free Zenbo SDK.

Check out the video below to learn more about Zenbo