AMD announces new APUs alongside a new silent CPU cooler

8:46:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

AMD has seemingly stayed away from making CPUs for the last few years as intel is getting all the limelight over and over but that doesn't stop the company from making new developments. Alongside the release of their new AMD 125 Wraith CPU cooler that is designed to make old CPU coolers look bad, the company is also taking wraps off 4 new desktop CPUs on the FM2+ socket. Only select 95W+ AMD CPUs will come with the new Wraith cooler

The highest end AMD A10-7890K APU will be the most powerful chip AMD has produced but it will only be available in a couple of weeks time opposed to the other 3 CPUs which are available imminently. The A10-7890K will be AMD's next generation flagship APU and the chip has a boost clock speed of 4.3GHz, 4 cores, a 95W TDP and also Radeon R7 graphics that packs 512 Steam cores and clocked at 900MHz (Sea Island GCN). No official pricing is revealed yet.

Down the line, AMD is also updating their mainstream offerings with the A10-7860K and A6-7470K which are updated APUs with Steamroller cores and Radeon graphics. Additionally, AMD is also unveiling their very first CPU with their Excavator architecture but unlike the other processors unveiled today, the new Athlon X4 845 ($69.99) is not an APU.