Digi launches new postpaid plans for 2016 with more data and more features

7:40:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

To start of this brand new month, Digi is showing off their latest offering which is a brand new postpaid plan revamped for 2016. Dubbed the new Digi Postpaid, this new plan from Digi comes with more data for the same price. Just like before there's two distinct options available, the Digi More Call and SMS plans or the Digi More Internet plans.

Either options now come with 30 or 100GB worth of Digi's Capture cloud storage available for both iOS and Android and if you're not into the Netflix thing, these new plans will also come with a couple month's worth of iflix full access subscription. Check out the pricing chart below to get acquainted with the pricing structure.

For a limited time only (until 30th June 2016), Digi will be slashing the prices down and topping up the data upto 20GB for the hardcore RM 238 plan. Learn more about the plans and how to switch to Digi today here

image courtesy of lowyat.net
Doubling down on data isn't the only thing that Digi is introducing with their new Postpaid plan for 2016, they are also unveiling what's called Internet Rollover which has been a pretty hot thing with US carriers in the past. This feature is activated for all the new Digi Postpaid plans and customers can check out their data usage through the myDigi app available for Android and iOS

The quota for rolling over unused internet quota varies from the plan but one caveat of this is that the data can only be rolled over for one month to another. And like I mentioned earlier, this feature is atuomaticelly turned on for all the new postpaid plans from Digi and requires no extra cost whatsoever.