iflix is now offering TM Unifi customers a free 12 month subscription of iflix worth RM 96

8:52:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

A couple of weeks back, popular video streaming site iflix announced that they have partnered up with TM to bring a year's worth of iflix to all TM Unifi customers. Well, after the not so long wait, it looks like all active TM Unifi subscribers will now be able to take advantage of that complimentary 12 month subscription of iflix worth RM 96 by simply visiting www.iflix.com and clicking on the big red button. That's all, click the button and you can begin streaming a wide range of Movies and TV shows.

But what's the catch? There is actually no drawbacks to this deal as you do not need to enter credit card details to register but whether you'll end up seeing an extra charge on your TM bill after the 12 month trial ends is yet to be seen. As noted by Soyacincau.com, this offer will give access to 5 different devices to be registered onto the 12 month trial account. But only 2 devices can be actively streaming video content at any given time.

In addition to watching iflix on your computer, you will also be able to use iflix on your android and iOS smartphone through the free application. What's even cooler is that you can use the new offline streaming feature on the iflix app to load up to 10 videos on your Android or iOS device to prepare for that random day when Unifi decides not to work.

But if that's not your style or you just have a lot of internet quota left at the end of the month, iflix does allow you to stream videos directly from the iflix with your mobile data. You just gotta register the device with the TM Unifi 12 month iflix plan beforehand and hope that you are not the third person to turn on iflix at any given time.

So what are you waiting for, just head on to www.iflix.com or through the free iflix app available on Android and iOS while connected to your TM Unifi Wi-Fi to get started. And in case you read the whole article and don't know what iflix is, it's basically a video streaming site that has a wide range movies and TV shows from the US, UK, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Korea.