Netflix video is now available in over 130 countries worldwide

5:06:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Just when you think CES is over, well Netflix just pulled a fast one and they are now no longer just a region specific service as starting today, their video catalog will be available in over 130 countries. This unexpected move took everyone by surprise and this move by an American company shows that the US market is no longer a powerhouse for internet users and users from all around the globe including Malaysians will be able to subscribe to Netflix and enjoy original content like Marvel’s Daredevil and Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Narcos, Sense8, Grace and Frankie, and Marco Polo.

Most notably, Netflix will not be available in China yet due to the Chinese government's tight control of internet censorship. Other regions like North Korea, Syria and Crimea are also excluded from the #NetflixWorldwide deal as there are restrictions of US companies in these regions. But nevertheless, the news has sparked Netflix's stocks.

Starting today, you can enjoy all your favorite TV shows without waiting for your network provider or through explicit means (you know what i mean) for as low as RM 33 a month. The Basic Netflix plans will get you all the TV shows but Netflix also has two other tiers like Standard and Premium which both coast RM 42 and RM 52 respectively and these pricier plans basically allow you to get better quality videos and also the ability to share the account with others.

Being a global video provider, Netflix is now available in 21 different languages to suit the needs of users from over 130 countries. Additionally, Netflix is available in all internet ready devices you can think of, from your XBOX to the iPad to an Android phone and even on a Windows Phone, you are able to catch your favorite episode anywhere anytime. Even if you don't have a mobile device, a modern internet browser will be just the thing you'll need to catch up on that documentary.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to and get your free 30 day trial to experience it all. And if you were wondering if your 12 month free subscription of iflix will be worth it anymore, well Netflix has all the popular TV shows which are up to date and iflix only has a small selection of that. Hope that answers your question.