TM UniFi and Streamyx customers rejoice, get your free 1 year subscription of iflix today

4:30:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

iflix, the video streaming service that took Malaysia by storm this year is continuing their conquest to get more users to try their service. Currently, iflix will give you a 30 day trial when you first sign up and if you recently bought a Samsung device, you will also get a 6 month free trial access to the huge library of video content.

But today, iflix is stepping up their game with their latest initiative with TM to provide all UniFi and Streamyx (4Mbps and 8Mbps) customers with a 1 year trial of iFlix. You read that right, 12 months of free access to iflix's wide library of TV shows and movies. But here's the catch, this offer is only available to home users and not available for business users and in order to enjoy that free 1 year access to iflix, you will need to be connected to your UniFi or Streamyx internet either on your computer browser or through the smartphone app.

This new partnership between iflix adds upon TM UniFi's HyppTV platform which also offers some movie and TV programs through a subscription service. But once that year long subscription has ended, you will have the choice to continue your iflix subscription for a low price of RM 10 a month which adds up to RM 96 a year. So, do take advantage of the free iflix subscription if you are subscribed to UniFi. is where to get started!