Intel's new stock cooler for Skylake processors has a very big heatsink

5:02:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

A few weeks back, Intel officially announced the arrival of Skylake CPUs with the first batch of high end overclocking i5 and i7 CPUs which has since then go on sale in multiple markets alongside the slew of new Z170 motherboards. Besides featuring a new 14nm die, the Skylake processors have also gotten a thicker new thermal interface material (TIM) as reports suggest. 

But beyond the microscopic changes, Intel also introduced a brand new box for the desktop grade CPUs which are similar to that of the extreme editions processors with a flat style box. With the new box design, Intel was basically selling you just the CPU itself without the stock cooler given that the first batch of Skylake CPUs are indeed targeted at overclocking enthusiasts which would likely use a third party solution.

While we have to wait a little longer before other Skylake CPUs arrive, this is our first look at the new CPU cooler that intel might be shipping with lower end Skylake CPUs. The TS15A Intel stock cooler is made for the new LGA 1151 socket and features the usual push pin locking mechanism, a copper base and the standard intel logo atop of the embedded fan.

What's interesting here is the sheer size of the heatsink, When compared to the existing stock cooler that came with previous Intel CPUs, the new TS15A cooler looks double it's size and is nothing like the low profile design intel has been pushing for the past few years. This new cooler looks a lot like the old LGA 775 stock cooler back in the day.

As for it's price, Intel is planning to sell this for a pretty premium $41 (RM 168).