You can now start playing Angry Birds 2 on Android and iOS

11:51:00 PM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Today is July 30 and for all you Angry Birds fans out there, you know today's the day. After a long long wait, Rovio is finally releasing a sequel to their popular bird flinging game, Angry Birds. First introduced in 2009 through iOS, Angry Birds is now available in nearly any platform out there.

The wait is seemingly over as Rovio has just released the Android version through the Google Play Store and you can try playing it now. It won't be long before the iOS version goes live, so stay put for that. From the looks of the screenshots, the pigs and birds still look the same but the in game objects have been given a nice touchup to make it a little realistic.

Check out the screenshots below and download the free Android game here and iOS version here

UPDATE 30/7/2015 16:50: Angry Birds 2 is now on the App Store