Windows 10 is coming to Malaysia on August 10

1:46:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Windows 10 is now officially available to the public and yesterday Microsoft started pushing out upgrade notifications for eligible Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 computers. While most of us are planning to take the free upgrade option to take advantage of Microsoft's new desktop operating system, some of you out there might be planning to do a new PC build and you want a copy of Windows 10.

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Well, at the moment you can't buy the retail boxes in Malaysia but Microsoft has confirmed that the standalone Windows 10 copies will only be available starting August 10. As expected, there will be two version of Windows 10, Home and Pro edition. Another thing is that there will not be a DVD installation media this time around, there's only a USB drive option and a product key version which requires you to manually download the Windows 10 ISO file.

As far as pricing goes, Microsoft has not revealed any details but sources familiar to LOWYAT.NET says that the Windows 10 Home edition will be priced at RM 551.10 inclusive of GST. Expect the Pro version to be RM 200-300 more.