The Galaxy Note 5's new self ejecting S Pen will have a second clickable button

3:26:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Over the last few weeks, we've heard countless stories about the Galaxy Note 5 and reports have indicated that Samsung will indeed be launching a brand new phablet earlier than the usual IFA unveiling. Besides a possible launch date, multiple sources have also published credible renders of the device which shows a lot of similarities amongst each other.

Samsung Galaxy Note lineup has always been known for it's large size but besides that, Samsung's unique S Pen is also the thing that drives sales for new Galaxy Note models. In the past, Samsung has slightly changed the design of the S Pen and also increased the sensitivity but this time around with the Galaxy Note 5, Samsung is shaking up the functionality of the S Pen.

At the moment, we know nothing much about the new features which the Galaxy Note 5's new software will bring to the table in terms of S Pen functionalities but one thing's for sure is the the S Pen might finally be able to eject itself from the silo. As seen from various leaked renders, the Galaxy Note 5's S Pen sits flush on the bottom of the device.

This new photo revealed today shows what allegedly looks like Samsung's new S Pen design which apparently features a second button located on the top of the S Pen as a vertical click button. As for the look and feel of the new S Pen, it looks like Samsung is going for a clean metallic look which might very well be just nicely painted plastic.

Samsung is aiming to launch the Galaxy Note 5 early next month ahead of Apple's new iPhone 6S and all that's left now is to see an official announcement by Samsung regarding a new device launch.