Get Cortana on your Android device today through this leaked APK file

5:37:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Back in May, Microsoft revealed that they will be bringing Cortana to both Android and iOS devices later this year. This effort by Microsoft will make life easier for Android and iOS users which are using Windows 10 services. Early on, we already knew that the iOS app will take a little while as it needs some extra porting but back then, the Android app was already ported over.

With some luck, the APK file for the Android version of Cortana has leaked and anyone with an android device will be able to give it a try. Just make sure you have installing apps from unknown sources enabled and you're all ready to go.

Just a expected, the Cortana app on Android looks and feels like the one found on Windows 10 and all the usual commands you're used to using are available on the Android version. However, at the moment there is not yet a Cortana widget which means you'll need to jump right into the app to talk to Cortana.

This is a leaked version of the private beta and Microsoft says the official app will arrive on the Google Play store in the coming weeks, presumably in time for Windows 10's launch on July 29.