LG Bello II announced, 5-inch display and 5MP selfie camera

3:47:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Late last year, LG announced the L Bello which is a mid range device for select regions and today they're happy to be announcing a sequel to the device called LG Bello II. Like it's predecessor, the new Bello II android smartphone is geared towards the more budget minded crowd and unlike the recently announced LG G4 Beat which is a subset of the LG G4, the Bello II is a completely different from LG's flagship device.

Design wise, LG surprisingly didn't include their usual LG G series design onto the new Bello II. Instead, LG opted with a more generic Android smartphone design with power keys on the sides of the display and the back only has the 8MP camera and a rear firing speaker.

But, the main focus of the Bello II is on the front of the device which features a 5" FWVGA (854 X 480) display and also a 5MP Selfie focused camera. Besides also featuring 3G support, the LG Bello II comes with a quad core processor, 8GB of expandable memory and a 2,540mAh battery to round things out.

LG says the LG Bello II will arrive in Latin America and India by July 2015 and it'll be available in Europe and CIS in the third quarter of 2015. Given that LG devices are a rarity here in Malaysia, don't expect the LG Bello II to arrive officially to Malaysia.