Samsung's new 2TB SSDs mark a turning point in consumer computing

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These days, computers and laptops will come with an SSD mainly because it's quicker in doing most operations and that prices have steadily dropped over the years. But despite that, it's still a little expensive for some people to have 1TB worth of SSD storage that's why hard disks still exist. However, if you have the money, you could get one of those nifty PCI-E SSDs or even Samsung's new 2TB (you read it right) SSDs.

Samsung's new consumer grade 2TB Evo and Pro series SSDs are using the company's 3D vertical NAND chips. With the V-NAND chips, Samsung is able to fit 2TB of storage into the same 7mm housing which the existing Evo and Pro drives come with.

Equipped with Samsung’s advanced chip solutions, including 128 individual Samsung 32-layer 128Gb 3D V-NAND flash chips, an upgraded high-performance MHX controller that supports 2TB capacity, and four 20nm-class process technology-based 4Gb LPDDR3 DRAM chips
For the new Samsung 850 Series 2TB drives, Samsung is guaranteeing up to 5 years (or 150 terabytes written) of uptime for the 2TB 850 Evo and upwards of 10 years (or 300 terabytes written) for the higher end 2TB 850 Pro SSD.

The Samsung 850 Evo 2TB will be priced at $800 (~ RM 3.000) making it about $0.40 (RM 1.50) per gigabyte and the higher end Samsung 850 Pro 2TB will be at $1000 (~ RM 3,800) giving it a $0.49 (RM 1.90)  per gigabyte. You can check out all the speed metrics through PC Perspective's review of both drives here