Microsoft's latest move is re-branding XBOX media apps on Windows 10

9:54:00 PM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

We're just weeks away from the official launch of Windows 10 and Microsoft has already confirmed that the RTM build will be hitting Insiders and also manufacturers for them to load into systems. Last week, Insiders were treated with 3 new builds which featured a lot of bug fixes and nobody was expecting any big changes. But today, Microsoft via a blog post announced that they are rebranding quite a number of built in Windows 10 applications

The first big re-brand is Groove Music which used to be XBOX Music. The service itself hasn't changed and Microsoft is still billing you $9.99 a month for unlimited music but the new identity gives Microsoft another chance against the likes of Apple Music and Spotify. It's not clear why Microsoft chose to use 'Grove' rather than following the footsteps of Apple Music and Google Play Music which clearly identifies it's owner.

Learn more about Groove Music here

Besides rebranding the music app, the Movies and TV app on Windows 10 is also getting an upgrade and it'll seemingly be the go to app for playing your personal videos. Microsoft will also show video/movies from the Windows Store that you can purchase and watch directly through the app.

These changes will come in an upcoming Insider build and come July 29, users will be able to experience both these services on Windows 10.