Renders of Samsung's Galaxy Note 5 design leaked through credible sources

8:21:00 PM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

It looks like not only Apple is having problems fixing their leaky sinks. Just a week after an album full of iPhone 6S images appear, Samsung's own Galaxy Note 5 makes it's way to the masses months before it's release. As usual, the brand new Galaxy Note will be unveiled during IFA 2015 in Berlin (4-9 Sept 2015) and we've seen no indication that Samsung plans to unveil it on any other day. 

Well, on to today's leaks. According to the source, this is straight from the factories and these designs are 80% accurate meaning that Samsung is nearly ready to mass produce these devices in time for a release in late September. Not surprising, these designs look a lot like the Galaxy S6 from earlier this year and Samsung is known to base designs off the Galaxy S flagship of the year.

From these renders, we can see that the Galaxy Note 5 will be featuring a unibody design and the removable back looks near impossible with this setup. Which means we might very well bid farewell to the removable battery and also a microSD card slot.

The camera setup on the back looks identical to that of the Galaxy S6 and the only visual change is on the bottom where the S Pen silo will sit.