BlackBerry's first android smartphone is ready to take on the Galaxy S6 edge

8:45:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Earlier today we reported that @evelaks revealed what looks to be the first official sighting of BlackBerry's android phone. Well, in a reponse with a twitter user he then reveals yet another image of a BlackBerry android smartphone, this time it's clear that it's running Android.

But first a little backstory to sweeten things up, during MWC 2015 this year, BlackBerry made a surprising announcement that they a working on a new devices which curves on both sides just like the (then) just announced Galaxy S6 edge. Despite getting official confirmation back then, since then we have not heard much from the company itself.

Now it looks like we might finally know why BlackBerry has been mum about this new device, whether it ends up being true or not but BlackBerry's first android powered smartphone might just be loaded onto the dual curved display which instantly makes it a very good contender against the current lineup of android flagships.

Taking a closer look at the clear render of the device, Android 5.0 Lollipop is definitely on the device and Google Apps are shown on screen alongside some Microsoft apps too which means BlackBerry might've found a solution to make Android secure. Also not to mention, the device also features curves on both sides of the device and beneath the touchscreen is the full BlackBerry keyboard.

It is still possible that this device will dual boot Android and BB10, maybe?