Here's how BlackBerry's Android phone might look like

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It's 2015, Nokia is still alive (part of) and BlackBerry (formerly Research in Motion or RIM) is still very much alive and since announcing BB10 nearly two years ago, the company has since then unwrapped a couple new devices which have been quite appealing even for normal users. The recently announced BlackBerry Passport is a great example that the company is still trying to innovate itself to success.

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But this is just part of the story, BlackBerry's market share might still slide given the tough competition amongst Google and Apple to create a smartphone for enterprise users. In recent times, CEO John Chen did mention about BlackBerry's future plans and he said that if they could get Android secure enough then their product line will definitely include a device powered by Google's mobile operating system.

Well, it looks like a turning point right now as prolific leaker @evleaks has just tweeted an image of what looks to be the bottom half of the BB Passport. The three rows of physical keys are pretty normal but look up a bit and we see what looks to be Android 5.0 Lollipop software buttons and up a bit is the Holo keyboard from ICS.

Whether it might materialize in the end is another question but at least not we know that BlackBerry is indeed working on an Android powered BlackBerry. Would you buy it just for they keyboard?