Microsoft might unveil the Lumia 940 running Windows 10 Mobile during IFA 2015

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Samsung might be planning to announce the Galaxy Note 5 weeks ahead of IFA 2015, but it looks like Microsoft plans to take the center stage during Europe's biggest electronics trade show to announce Windows 10 devices. Although smartphones were not specifically called out, it's pretty self-explained as IFA has always been a place for mobile devices rather than PCs.

Just last week, Microsoft revealed that they will be streamlining their product lineup into a more narrow focused approach with only 1-2 devices for the 3 categories (entry level, enterprise, high end) they're aiming at.

So, it's clear that we might very well only see 2-3 devices being announced at IFA 2015. At this point, nothing is solid about the progress of Windows 10 Mobile, the software is still pretty much not stable at the moment but the pace is about to ramp up shortly after Windows 10 for the desktop hits users on July 29.

Also, to add up to the big speculation about upcoming Lumia devices running Windows 10 Mobile, Terry Myerson briefly teased the crowd during his keynote at Microsoft's annual partners conference this morning.

Microsoft's keynote during IFA 2015 will see Nick Parker, VP of Microsoft's OEM division to deliver a keynote entitled "Windows 10 Lights up new devices". The keynote will feature introductions to new Windows 10 2-in-1 devices, premium notebooks, gaming devices and also AIO devices.

So at this point, the introduction of new Lumia devices are still hanging about the clouds but there is potential that new Lumia Windows 10 devices will make an appearance during IFA 2015 which is happening this September. Are you excited to see Microsoft's new flagship Lumia? We know we are. The keynote will be on September 4 (3PM CET) during IFA 2015 in Berlin.

based on rumors. It has a FullHD 5.2 inch edge to edge screen, 20 MP camera, triple LED flashlight, USB-C, an iris scanner and it runs with Windows 10 Mobile.
Posted by Phone Designer on Monday, July 6, 2015