Microsoft demos Windows 10 Mobile's continuum feature on the Lumia 930

9:12:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments


During a demo at Microsoft's annual partner's conference earlier today, Bryan Roper from the Windows Product Management team demoed several key Windows 10 features to the partners. Besides showing that Windows 10 on the desktop looks very familiar to previous version of Windows, he also slipped in a demo that has to do with Windows 10 Mobile.

Whilst holding up a Lumia 930 connected to some desktop peripherals like a monitor, keyboard and mouse, Bryan showed on stage how Continuum will allow the user to be productive with just the phone.


The revelation here however is Microsoft said back in Build 2015 that continuum requires new hardware and existing devices will not be able to take advantage of this new software feature. Back then, the on stage demo was done through a precise simulation but the demo today was clearly interactive and Bryan didn't mention anything about this being a simulation.

But, whatever this might turn out to be, that might very well be a very fluid simulation or Microsoft was just running some test code on the Lumia 930 which made it work for the purpose of the demo.

While it's highly unlikely that existing Lumia devices will support this feature without facing any issues, this is just another hopeful story that older devices will get a feature rich version of Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft is expected to unveil flagship devices sporting this continuum feature in the Fall alongside the arrival of Windows 10 Mobile (the complete version that is).