Xiaomi plans not to include chargers for the upcoming devices

8:03:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Through a post on Weibo, Xiaomi's CEO Lei Jun revealed that the company might stop including device chargers alongside their devices. This news comes after the company also stop bundling earphones with the phones and instead sell them as a separate accessory. Also remember that this is the company which says microSD cards are the past and implementing it onto their devices is a design mistake.

Well, about the chargers, the CEO is backing up his statement saying that customers don't actually use the included chargers and instead they get third party options which gives better mileage overall. Adding to that, environmental pollution is also brought up as a solid point that they should not include smartphone chargers with their device.

This could very well end up a little bad for first time smartphone users but given that the company has been selling smartphones are uber-low prices, they're surely finding ways to improve their profit margin as well as to earn some extra revenue through potential accessory sales like earphones and potentially even smartphone chargers.

So, what do you think, is Xiaomi going bonkers by dropping a required smartphone accessory from the package?