There is now an official Raspberry Pi 2 case that costs only $8

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Earlier this year, the Raspberry Pi foundation released a brand new credit card size PC, the Raspberry Pi 2 and you can get it in Malaysia today for about RM 160. When you buy the Raspberry Pi 2, it doesn't come with anything except the board itself alongside some documentation. You can technically use it at it is but getting a case would definitely improve the experience.

For years, creators and third party manufacturers have created cases out of everything from simple cardboard to lego pieces. Today, the Raspberry Pi foundation is unveiling an official case for the Raspberry Pi 2. Said to be a work of art, the case has been reworked through several revisions to make it how it looks like today.

The design team has thought of everything from the cutouts which lets the light from the LED indicators to be seen from the outside to the Raspberry Pi logo on the top. You can check out the hurdles and design choices the foundation made when creating this official case here. Like the original Raspberry Pi, everything comes down to the price and at $8 (about RM 30), the official case is actually a pretty good deal but it currently only supports the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B.

You can start pre-ordering the official Raspberry Pi 2 case starting today through these official distributors: Swag Store, element14, RS ElectronicsMCM Electronics, Newark and Allied