Microsoft confirms their $200 million acquisition of Wunderlist

8:44:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments


Earlier today WSJ reports that Microsoft has closed the deal to buy 6Wunderkinder for about $200 million. Well that report is now confirmed as both Microsoft and 6Wunderkinder AKA Wunderlist have publicly announced this new acquisition.

Although both companies didn't mention how much the deal costed but with this acquisition, Microsoft now has 3 popular cross platform apps at their side. The first is acompli, an email app which is now the official Outlook app on both Android and iOS. The next one is Sunrise, a calendar app like no other. Which makes Wunderlist, a cross platform intelligent checklist the third artillery in Microsoft's garage.

In the official blog post by both Microsoft and Wunderlist, they highlighted that there is over 13 million users creating upwards of 1 billion tasks. Also, Wunderlist says they are committed to develop and innovate their platform and no exact plans was given about implementing Microsoft services into their platform.

Wunderlist is available for free on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Android, Windows Phone, Windows and the Web