Microsoft announces the $20 Nokia 105

12:34:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Microsoft might still be keeping new Lumia until Windows 10 for phones launches later this year but that doesn't stop them from releasing a new phone. Nokia 105 is what they're calling it and this will be the most affordable Nokia phone you can buy today.

If you think this is familiar, yes Nokia did unveil a Nokia 105 back in 2013 during Mobile World congress and the device still keeps it's $20 price tag. The design hasn't changed much and the rectangular candy bar shape of Nokia devices still live on.

You might not be impressed with the quoted 1.45" 16-bit HighColor display but the quote 35 day standby time from the 800mAh battery is just unheard of from the smartphone world today. Besides the impressive standby time, Microsoft also quotes that the new Nokia 105 come with Snake Xenzia and Bubble Bash 2. It's also worth noting that the Nokia 105 can store up to 2000 contacts.

Microsoft says. the brand new Nokia 105 will be available in select markets in June 2015 and they'll also be offering a dual SIM Nokia 105, but that would likely be a little more than the $20 base price for the single SIM model.