Project Brillo is Google's IoT platform derived from Android

12:31:00 PM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Following up all the Android related announcement during the Google I/O keynote this morning, Google also announced their very own IoT platform which at it's core is Android. Called Project Brillo, the platform will support existing Android devices and also core Android connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

As fancy as the Internet of Things sound, Google says that with their new platform, the possibilities are endless as they are working with numerous companies to integrate Home Automation products onto their platform.

Alongside Project Brillo, Google is also taking wraps off Weave which is a common language platform which enables Project Brillo devices (phones, smart appliances, etc) interact with each other with some simple code. Besides supporting Android devices, Weave will also support iOS devices.

As a whole, Google aims to push out a developer preview for Project Brillo in Q3 2015 and Weave in Q4 2015. It's clear that we'll only see some significant updates for Google's IoT platform during Google I/O 2016.